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"Being confirmed, I think, will give me a sense of identity as I become an adult. I want to grow up with a strong relationship with God. This is why I want to be confirmed" (Katie Free holding the crozier on her confirmation day at All Saints', Cambooya on 1 May 2022).
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“I want to go through life loving God with my whole heart”

“All my life I have been going to church every Sunday. At first it seemed like the most boring thing in the world, but then I started to listen. I started to sing the hymns, I started to read along with the Psalms and ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and the Creed. Everything seemed to make sense, and the more I learnt about it, the more I realised how great it was,” said Katie Free from All Saints’, Cambooya during her recent Confirmation service

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Putting on Christ

“Every person who is baptised promises, or in the case of young children godparents promise on their behalf, to turn to Christ. They are signed with the sign of the cross to show that they are marked as Christ’s own forever. And they are called to Christian ministry, to serve Christ in the world,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall