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Nicene Creed

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Creeds and controversies

“About 13 years ago, while serving as the Dean of Darwin, I said during an ABC Radio National interview that, ‘I’d be happy to abandon the creed.’ This comment inadvertently made for a terrific headline and clickbait. With the wisdom of hindsight, I would express myself differently,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves

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How one word divided the Church

“The Nicene Creed was originally written in Greek and translated into Latin…Over the next few centuries, an additional word crept into the Latin version of the Creed. We don’t know exactly how this unauthorised change occurred, but we do know that it caused enormous friction, anger and, eventually, what became known as the ‘Great Schism’,” says The Rev’d Dr Cathy Laufer, while offering a study guide for parishes so our community can take steps to repair the divisions in Christ’s Body

Kabi Kabi, Koa and Yuin artist Stevie O’Chin introduced her 'Being Together' dot painting to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall on 24 January 2020 in St Martin's House, Brisbane in the lead up to the Archbishop's 2020 Diocesan annual theme 'Being Together: Practising Peacemaking' launch

Ancient Aboriginal practice meets Divine Christian call

A stunning Aboriginal dot painting has been commissioned to commemorate Archbishop Phillip Aspinall’s 2020-2022 Diocesan ‘Being Together’ theme, fittingly upholding our community’s commitment to Reconciliation and our call as a Church to seek unity and holiness