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The cross

Video Video of Bishop Jeremy giving his Good Friday message Video

Bishop Jeremy Greaves' Good Friday 2022 message

“A great deal of ink, and even blood, has been spilled trying to make sense of the cross and why God might let an innocent man die in such a horrific way…It seems to me that rather than debate the merits or otherwise of one theory over another, it is better on Good Friday to simply hear the story… to hear the story of Good Friday and let it speak into our life here and now,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves

Mosaic of Pentecost

Pentecost: fulfilment of ancient prophecy and a new awakening

“Like Thomas we stretch out our hands to touch Jesus’ wounds, his sacramental Body and Blood of Christ, and, in this encounter, we not only experience ‘the peace that passes all understanding’, but we are renewed by the Spirit of him who enables us to be his servants of healing, compassion and reconciliation,” reflects The Ven. Keith Dean-Jones