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The Lord’s Prayer


How one word divided the Church

“The Nicene Creed was originally written in Greek and translated into Latin…Over the next few centuries, an additional word crept into the Latin version of the Creed. We don’t know exactly how this unauthorised change occurred, but we do know that it caused enormous friction, anger and, eventually, what became known as the ‘Great Schism’,” says The Rev’d Dr Cathy Laufer, while offering a study guide for parishes so our community can take steps to repair the divisions in Christ’s Body


There is nothing new under the sun, and Mother God still loves us

“The fact that rechem can also mean ‘womb’ has always fascinated me when reading Psalm 25.6 in Hebrew. I connect the concept of this word to the idea of a mother’s love for those children of whom people sometimes say, ‘Only a mother could love them.’ I love the idea that God’s love is maternal. God loves me even when I am not lovable by any but Her,” says Dr Marie-Louise Craig from St Francis College


Nurturing student-centred engagement with scripture

“Many experienced educators desire an opportunity or device that encourages both authentic academic engagement and student-centred and directed interaction with complex scriptural writings, as either a catalyst or means of nurturing their journey of discovery. To this end, we have combined three known processes into a single lesson,” says Churchie Religious Education Faculty Head, Max Condon