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Priest-in-Charge, The Parish of Buderim & Archdeacon, the Sunshine Coast

The Ven. Dr Lucy Morris

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The Ven. Dr Lucy Morris is Priest-in-Charge of The Parish of Buderim, Archdeacon of the Sunshine Coast and Chair of the ACSQ Domestic and Family Violence Working Group. She has a BA Theology (Hons, 1st Class) from Manchester University; a M.Phil, Theology (Research) from Manchester University; a Ph.D (Research) from Curtin University; and, an Adv.Diploma – Mission and Theology, St Mark’s Centre, Charles Sturt University.

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Justice & Advocacy Two women sitting inside on couches Justice & Advocacy

Addressing Church stereotypes, silence, blaming and lack of recognition

“Jan’s grief around her marriage ‘being broken’ and her beliefs that she had ‘betrayed’ her marriage vows and ‘broken her promises’ to God were profoundly influential in her initial inability to accept the priest’s help offered to her. These beliefs were grounded in what some parts of the Church espoused regarding the role of the Church, the Bible, the ‘sanctity of marriage’ and family,” says The Ven. Dr Lucy Morris, Chair of the ACSQ’s Domestic and Family Violence Working Group

Jenny Clark (ACSQ Domestic and Family Violence Project Officer) and The Ven. Dr Lucy Morris (ACSQ Domestic and Family Violence Working Group Chair) outside St John’s Cathedral in 2023
Justice & Advocacy

Making the invisible visible

“Domestic and family violence remains a difficult issue for many in the Church. It’s an uncomfortable concept that is incongruous for those who value peace, love and care. And because of this we can develop a blind spot to this issue within our own families, workplaces, social networks, and indeed in our church communities,” says new Domestic and Family Violence Working Group chair The Ven. Dr Lucy Morris