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Bishop Philip Huggins

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Bishop Philip Huggins is the President of the National Council of Churches in Australia. He was ordained in 1977, and has held clerical appointments in regional Victoria, metropolitan Melbourne, and appointments of Assistant Bishop in Perth and Bishop of Grafton, NSW. He is now Bishop of the Oodthenong area of episcopal care, and has a strong interest in, and actively contributes to, welfare and multi-cultural issues and activities.

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NCCA call for further prayer and fasting

National Council of Churches in Australia President Bishop Philip Huggins calls all churches nationally to join in a global weekend of prayer and fasting on 26 and 27 September to intercede for all those impacted by COVID-19 and for an end to the virus

Bishop Philip Huggins: ' "Walking with my four-year-old granddaughter by the beach, watching a butterfly, she suddenly said, seemingly out of nowhere: “Everything is connected!” “Yes. It is,” I said. And we walked on...'

Making 2020 a transformative and wonderful year for all God’s creation

“How do we give people affected by the transition to an economy of net zero carbon emissions real confidence as regards to their employment, income security and reliability of energy supply?” asks Bishop Philip Huggins


UN International Day of Peace: call to prayer

Bishop Philip Huggins, President of the National Council of Churches in Australia, calls us to pray on the UN International Day of Peace on 21 September: “Peace, in the Christian understanding, is both a divine gift and our task as we respond to Jesus’ call, in the Sermon on the Mount, for peace-makers”