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Aboriginal children

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2022 Brisbane Peace Lecture

“Our Country, our land, is integral to who we are. Our culture is a gerontocracy, which means that our Elders, our old people, lead decision making in communities, and are the cultural authority in our communities. The fundamental normative principle is that decision needs to be driven by community. So we designed a process that would enable us to seek advice from communities via a structured, deliberative dialogue process,” says Professor Megan Davis

Dujuan is a 13-year-old boy from Arrernte and Garrwa Country. Last year he addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council and the United Nations Committee on the Rights of The Child to call upon the Australian Government “to stop putting kids in jail”

Anglicare Australia joins Raise the Age campaign – and calls for action on child imprisonment

Anglicare Australia has said that Attorneys-General across Australia missed a major opportunity this week to keep children safe and out of prison: “Children belong in classrooms and playgrounds – not in handcuffs or prison cells. We can’t miss another opportunity to make this change.”