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The Reverend Dr Lucy Morris, The Reverend David Ruthven and The Reverend Susan Barker

During Holy Week, at the Annual Chrism Eucharist being held in St John’s Cathedral on Tuesday 4 April 2023 at 7.00 pm, three new Archdeacons will be collated – The Reverend Dr Lucy Morris as Archdeacon of the Sunshine Coast, The Reverend David Ruthven as Archdeacon of Lilley and The Reverend Susan Barker as Archdeacon of Burnett. Congratulations to all.

Reflections Reflections

'The Bishop’s eye'

“The function or purpose of the office has often been described metaphorically as that of oculus episcopi, the ‘Bishop’s eye’; or sometimes, in modern parlance, by those with a more jaundiced view, as the ‘Bishop’s Rottweiler’,” says The Ven. Michael Faragher in this touching and humorous account of the origins and functions of the Archdeacon role