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Clergy retirement

Reflections The Rev'd Bruce Sligo Reflections

“For I know the plans I have for you”

“The only grandfather I knew was a poultry breeder and a gardener, based in Rosewood near Ipswich, as well as a shoemaker. He influenced me deeply. I loved assisting him with raising poultry when I was a boy. It was incredibly exciting. So I am keeping a small poultry flock – mainly Light Sussex – during my retirement,” says The Rev’d Bruce Sligo

Reflections The Rev'd Dr Carol Hebron Reflections

Finding the fountain of youth in retirement

“There was no set date for my retirement. No celebration. No intentional, ‘Now I begin a new stage of my life!’ Perhaps it was my decision not to continue lecturing at St Francis College that led to my retirement. I think receiving my Pensioner Concession Card was the clincher. Nevertheless, I simply morphed into retirement and I’m loving it,” says The Rev’d Dr Carol Hebron

“This photo is of my husband Doug and me at Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef where we went to see turtles hatching. It’s a great place to visit” (The Ven. Valerie Hoare)

Being in place until the door opens and the path appears

“One of our children gave me a personalised ‘Countdown to Retirement’ fridge magnet with dates to mark off. Initially I couldn’t be bothered marking off each day, instead opting to cross out a month at a time,” says The Ven. Valerie Hoare


Bridging the sacred and secular

“While disruptive, retiring from Diocesan ministry held the promise of new vistas, as we needed to develop separate identities apart from ‘priest’, ‘priest’s wife’ and ‘priest’s daughters’. I found this quite liberating,” says The Rev’d Karol Misso


Blessings from a nine-month long conversation

“I must say from the outset that Sr Catherine’s ministry to me as my professional supervisor was beyond any hopes I had entertained before especially given, as I’ve already intimated, my initial reluctance to take part,” says The Ven. Michael Faragher on his experience taking part in professional supervision