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Tough Questions: Does the Bible endorse slavery?

“…whilst certain verses taken out of context can appear to justify slavery, the overall witness of the Bible points in the opposite direction. Far from endorsing slavery, the Bible, as a whole, makes the practice untenable. It is little wonder that plantation owners went to such lengths to prevent slaves from reading the full canon of scripture and drawing their own conclusions,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from St Andrew’s, Springfield


St Bart's Kids eBook – Ephesians 3.2-12

Check out the latest scripture e-books from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba, which adapt Old and New Testament scriptures for young children, including this one about Ephesians 3.2-12 which says, “Through Jesus and through faith in Jesus we can approach God. We can come to him freely. We can come to him without fear.”


Legomation eBook: Ephesians 3.16-21

Year 6 student and St Bart’s Kids parishioner Elijah Ryan put together this ingenious ‘God’s Word The Movie’. This is another clever and inspiring children’s ministry video from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba – check out the many others online


The armour of God

“In the Roman legions, a significant portion of their success was attributed to the fact that the soldiers fought in lines, with each soldier protecting the soldier to his left. The true strength of the army was in its collective nature – in the fact that the soldiers could rely on their companions to protect them,” says The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt