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Priest-in-Charge, The Anglican Parish of Bundaberg West and Area Dean for the Burnett Deanery

The Rev'd Andrew Schmidt

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The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt is the Priest-in-Charge of The Anglican Parish of Bundaberg West and is the Area Dean for the Burnett Deanery. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Religions (UQ), a Master of Theology (BCT) and a Graduate Diploma in Education from CQU.

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Reflections The Rev'd Andrew Schmidt and son John reading Lion in The Long Grass Reflections

The lion and the pig

“I have recently been thinking about children’s books that I have collected. There are two that I want to share a little about with you…These stories tell me that death is not nearly as much to fear as is a life poorly spent,” says The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt from The Parishes of Nerang and Mudgeeraba


Hope’s two beautiful daughters

“Over the years I have known a few women by the name of ‘Hope’, but not one by the names ‘Courage’ or ‘Anger’. Prior to the advent of modern urban fantasy novels or dystopian fantasy novels, almost every courageous character I came across in the literature I read was male,” says The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt


Four locals, four stories about finding room in the inn

In this special joint feature, four members of our Diocesan community each share about a unique experience of room ‘being made in the inn’ for them, including a former refugee and priest, a ‘camper-outerer’ and Cathedral parishioner, a parishioner and disability advocate, and a priest who moved to Australia from South Africa


The armour of God

“In the Roman legions, a significant portion of their success was attributed to the fact that the soldiers fought in lines, with each soldier protecting the soldier to his left. The true strength of the army was in its collective nature – in the fact that the soldiers could rely on their companions to protect them,” says The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt


Push For Better

“Many of the most vulnerable people when it comes to mental health are vulnerable because they are in some way different from the expectation. Sadly, this too often leads to social ostracism or outright bullying, putting significant stress on people,” says The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt