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Helping people to find hope and peace as a hospital chaplain

“Towards the end of our conversation, the patient said that he felt as though his faith had been awakened. He also looked physically different – when I arrived he looked disengaged and down, but when I left his bedside he was relaxed and smiling. Before I left, he asked to pray for me, which was profound,” says hospital chaplain The Rev’d Peter Mayen


Hope’s two beautiful daughters

“Over the years I have known a few women by the name of ‘Hope’, but not one by the names ‘Courage’ or ‘Anger’. Prior to the advent of modern urban fantasy novels or dystopian fantasy novels, almost every courageous character I came across in the literature I read was male,” says The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt


Archbishop Phillip Aspinall's Advent 2020 message: the sustaining power of memory and hope

This Advent, Archbishop Phillip Aspinall tells us an amazing story of survival – of three fishermen who survived adrift at sea for seven long months: “What kept the fishermen going, so they said afterwards, were their faith in God and their memories of home and family…The story shows the power of memory and hope. It tells us a lot about the Christian life and about Advent in particular…We remember Christ born in Bethlehem, his amazing life…That life gives us hope that Christ will embrace us for eternity. Memory gives birth to hope…This Advent, please remember and hope.”