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Hospital chaplaincy

Reflections The Rev'd Canon Cheryl Selvage Reflections

Celebrating the baptism of a palliative care patient

“When I arrived at the patient’s bedside, I found him struggling for breath and on oxygen and yet delighted to see me. I introduced myself, explaining that I was from Pastoral Care. I needed to repeat this for him because N95 fitted masks and shields, along with general ward noise, often make it very hard to communicate these days. He very clearly responded that he was very pleased to see me, stating that he had been waiting a long time for such a conversation – seven years in fact,” says hospital chaplain, The Rev’d Canon Cheryl Selvage

"As a hospital chaplain, I minister to patients, family members of patients and staff...I work three days a week as a chaplain. The role is rewarding because it fits my gifts, training and professional skills. Living through difficulties from a young age, including as a child soldier in Sudan, I understand suffering. I understand that it is a part of life" (The Rev'd Peter Mayen is a chaplain at Toowoomba Hospital, March 2022).

Helping people to find hope and peace as a hospital chaplain

“Towards the end of our conversation, the patient said that he felt as though his faith had been awakened. He also looked physically different – when I arrived he looked disengaged and down, but when I left his bedside he was relaxed and smiling. Before I left, he asked to pray for me, which was profound,” says hospital chaplain The Rev’d Peter Mayen


Hospital chaplaincy: highlights and challenges

“I have been working as a hospital chaplain for over three years. It is a diverse, challenging and awe-inspiring role…As Chaplains, we work as part of the allied health team to provide holistic healthcare in the way of spiritual and emotional support to patients, families, friends and staff,” says Hospital Chaplain and Parish of Robina member Michelle Philp