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Liturgical seasons

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Liturgy: Making God our home

“Liturgy, then, is not first and foremost about prayer books, or rituals, or religious spaces. All of these things are meant to make audible and visible a reality that is not captured or exhausted by any of them, namely, God’s love for our embodied existence – for our flesh. The challenge of enacting liturgy is to make God’s love tangible amidst actual people and the concreteness of their lived lives,” says Dr Peter Kline from St Francis College

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Engaging young children in Easter services: resource and tips

“In this Easter liturgy, the children take part in the key final events of Jesus’ life, from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. They wave palms, taste the bread and wine (grape juice), run away from the soldiers, nail dowels into a cross, are buried (under sheets) and noisily celebrate the resurrection,” says The Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free, while providing a helpful story and liturgical resource for parishes to download and tips for creating an Easter liturgy

Ministry Intern and Liturgical Assistant from The Lakes Anglican Church Dylan Katthagen donated blood for Lent in March 2021

Giving up blood for Lent

“The experience of donating blood during Lent reminded me that the Church’s seasons are truly enriching for those who choose to immerse in them, for they serve as a bridge which carries the life, mission and hope of the ancient Christian faith into our present reality,” says Liturgical Assistant and Ministry Intern, Dylan Katthagen from The Lakes Anglican Church