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Multicultural Australia

Reflections A father and son in a Canadian national park surrounded by trees Reflections

"In politics the tail often wags the dog"

“Canadians are incredibly gracious drivers. Even those who drive the most ridiculously large utes stop on a dime to let people cross the road — even in places where there is no pedestrian crossing. Italian traffic looks to be incredibly chaotic. It in fact operates under two very important rules that are obeyed to the letter: 1. Go as fast as you can. 2. Do not hit anybody,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

Rod Nason (Baroona Farm volunteer), Sammy Narua (Multicultural Australia Employment program coordinator), Sisira Fernando (Multicultural Australia client) and The Rev'd Samuel Dow at Baroona Farm on Friday 3 December 2021

Baroona Farm partners with Multicultural Australia

“Earlier this month, Sri Lankan-born refugee and Multicultural Australia client Sisira Fernando joined in the working bee at Baroona Farm and immediately felt connected with the place…He was delighted, in particular, to see okra, winged beans and gotu cola (a herb) growing. However, most of all Sisira felt welcomed at the working bee,” says The Rev’d Samuel Dow