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Four essential qualities for serving, leading and sharing life in rural ministry

“Over the last seven and a half years I have come to call the Western Region ‘home’ and am deeply grateful for friendship shared with lay leaders, clergy, and congregations across a broad geography. I think there are at least four standout qualities demonstrated by many people I work with in rural and remote Australia,” says Bishop Cam Venables

First-year formation student Mamuor Kunpeter outside the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, St Francis College, in November 2021
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with St Francis College formation student, father of six, former refugee, and disability support worker, Mamuor Kunpeter

Meet Mamuor Kunpeter and find out about his thoughts on ‘Being a kingdom people’, what Advent means to him, where he does his best thinking, what makes him nostalgic, and the most surprising thing that has happened to him recently


My hairdresser call to the priesthood

“Sometimes going to the hairdresser can be unexpectedly life-changing. For about a year, people in my community had been urging me to explore a calling to ordained ministry. However, when my hairdresser, who is not religious, said, ‘You know what? You should become a priest!’, I knew I had to start paying attention,” says Melissa Conway, who is soon to be ordained a deacon and appointed as assistant curate at St James’, Toowoomba


Retired, really?

“The parish office in Warwick got a call leading up to Synod about the need for a funeral to be taken at All Saints’ Anglican Church in Texas. The grieving family could only gather on the Friday of Synod. This made it difficult for our four full-time ‘local’ clergy, as they were heading east for Synod, and Texas is a 300 kilometre round-trip west from Warwick,” says The Ven. Lizzie Gaitskell