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Saibai people

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Why I am voting "yes" in the referendum: Uncle Milton Walit

“Instead of going straight out to the beach to spear fish when our spears were ready one day, our father’s, father’s brother explained to us young ones about the movement of the tides — when to go out and when not to go out, when it was dangerous and when it was safe. Since then the sea has become much more dangerous because of the changing climate,” says Uncle Milton Walit from The Parish of Laidley

Homilies & Addresses The Rev'd Paul Reynolds, Aunty Dr Rose Elu, The Rev'd Bradley Hauff and The Rt. Rev'd Te Kitohi Pikaahu Homilies & Addresses

Anglican Indigenous Network: Lambeth Conference 2022

“God calls us to respect one another. This, in part at least, involves respecting people’s territories, traditions and protocols; seeking counsel and consent; and, caring for one another. Respect is also about being welcoming and inclusive. When respect is fostered, harmony presides. When respect is denied, harm is caused,” says Aunty Dr Rose Elu in her Lambeth Conference Anglican Indigenous Network address

Aunty Dr Rose Elu preached at St John’s East Malvern on Sunday 27 March 2022. She is pictured with St John’s East Malvern vicar The Rev’d Dr Alexander Ross, Archbishop Philip Freier and Bishop Brad Billings
Homilies & Addresses

Mothering Sunday: 27 March 2022 – St John’s East Malvern (Melbourne)

“I was not the best with sailing growing up, especially given that I am from the sea. I suffered terrible seasickness as a child. Whenever we sailed, I would always stay on deck, close to my father so I felt safe… As we sat around my father while he steered the rudder, he told us that, ‘The rainbow is God’s creation and God made this world in beautiful colours, including his people.’ He then told us not to be judgmental and to always respect, honour and listen to one another. He said that loving others is always the most important thing,” said Aunty Dr Rose Elu during her Mothering Sunday sermon at St John’s East Malvern