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St Paul’s School

Year 9 St Paul's School students Jessica Vickers and Hannah McDonnell enjoyed a recent Centre for Coins, Culture and Religious History incursion (2022)

What I learnt from an ancient coin incursion

“Out of the coins shown in this incursion, my favourite was a small roughly-shaped silver coin with an eagle design. The eagle represented imperial power. This coin dated back to around 80 BCE, and it was breathtaking to think I was holding something so incredibly old,” says Year 9 St Paul’s School student Max Hering


St Paul's at 60

Professor John Brannock, who graduated from St Paul’s School in 1961, and current student Fletcher tour the school grounds chatting about what has changed and what has stayed the same in this delightful short video


St Paul's School: Design Led Venture

Hear St Paul’s School students and staff and industry leaders share about the collaborative Design Led Venture initiative, as Year 6-11 students worked closely with industry representatives to understand, develop and implement solutions to real-life issues during a 10-week project