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Liturgical Assistant and Parish Council member, North Pine Anglican Church

Sarah Gover

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Sarah Gover is a Liturgical Assistant and Parish Council member at North Pine Anglican Church and an Anglican Board of Mission Diocesan Committee member. She has a BA in Sociology from Victoria University (NZ) and a Master of Science in Economic and Community Development from Eastern University (Philadelphia). In 2019 she was appointed as Honorary Lay Minister for Parish Development in the Northern Region and as the Australian Commissary for the Diocese of Gahini, Rwanda.

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Auction gets ABM's stamp of approval

“As I entered the hall, I saw over two hundred sorted ‘lots’ and nearly 50 hopeful buyers eagerly looking through each bag, folder and box, searching for a unique, rare treasure. After two hours of viewing, the bidding began,” says ABM’s and Parish of North Pine’s Sarah Gover, as she tells us about ABM’s ongoing stamp fundraising

Features Features

The role and function of Online Liturgical Assistants

“After a few months of ‘digital church’, our Parish Council realised that those attending church online were a congregation in their own right and would benefit from support just like the usual face-to-face congregation, so the concept of an ‘Online LA’ was born,” says Sarah Gover from the Parish of North Pine


Ugandan Anglican Martyr, Archbishop Janani Luwum

“I am inspired by the life Archbishop Luwum led, his courage and the impact he has had on the Church, both in Uganda and globally…The witness of his life challenges me not just to be aware, but to be emboldened by his courage to step up in words and deeds,” says Parish of North Pine’s Sarah Gover on Archbishop Janani Luwum, who is commemorated in our Lectionary on Wednesday 3 June


Letter from Rwanda: global Anglican ripples

“Until I received Bishop Manasseh’s letter, I had not thought about the unintended impact that divisions in the Anglican Church internationally were having on some of the poorest communities in our world – issues that I thought were so far away from me are now impacting my friends,” reflects community development worker and Liturgical Assistant Sarah Gover from the Parish of North Pine