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The Parish of Mt Gravatt

Justice & Advocacy Aunty Dr Rose Elu wearing a green crocodile dress Justice & Advocacy

Seeking nourishment, healing and a way forward after the referendum

“One of the greatest tragedies of the referendum outcome is that the lives of non-Indigenous Australians who voted ‘no’ will continue on the same just as their lives would have continued on the same if they had voted ‘yes’. It is the lives of First Nations peoples who will be impacted by the referendum result — and negatively so for decades to come,” says Aunty Dr Rose Elu

"The Anglican Church Southern Queensland (ACSQ) is an active member of the Queensland Community Alliance and has played a key role in shaping its direction through leaders such as The Ven. Geoff Hoyte, The Ven. Bronwyn Pagram and The Rev’d Michael Stalley," (Devett Kennedy, pictured front right, with The Ven. Geoff Hoyte pictured back right at a Walking Together workshop in April 2023)
Justice & Advocacy

What is the Queensland Community Alliance and how is the Anglican Church Southern Queensland connected to it?

“I am aware that the Anglican Church Southern Queensland has been a leader in the Reconciliation space for decades — the ACSQ’s first submission in support of constitutional recognition was sent to the Federal Government in 2011, so your Diocese has been an active supporter of this for years,” says Devett Kennedy from the Queensland Community Alliance