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The Parish of Springfield

Reflections The Rev'd Charlie Lacey sitting at home reading the Bible Reflections

Tough Questions: Do all babies go to heaven?

“The question of whether all babies go to heaven is one of deep personal and pastoral significance and the cause of much anguish to a great many people. From the outset, it is important to acknowledge that no verse of scripture addresses this matter specifically; however, much can be inferred from a variety of pertinent texts, from which we can take a great deal of comfort,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey


Tough Questions: Does social justice and Christianity go hand in hand?

“Those who repent and put their faith in Jesus are reconciled to God and filled with the Holy Spirit. Moreover, their heart of stone is replaced with a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 11.19), and they begin the process of being changed and transformed into Jesus’ likeness. This means that, over time, the Christian will begin to see the world as God sees it, including God’s perspective on justice,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from St Andrew’s, Springfield


Tough Questions: Does the Bible endorse slavery?

“…whilst certain verses taken out of context can appear to justify slavery, the overall witness of the Bible points in the opposite direction. Far from endorsing slavery, the Bible, as a whole, makes the practice untenable. It is little wonder that plantation owners went to such lengths to prevent slaves from reading the full canon of scripture and drawing their own conclusions,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from St Andrew’s, Springfield