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Tough Questions: Does the Bible endorse slavery?

“…whilst certain verses taken out of context can appear to justify slavery, the overall witness of the Bible points in the opposite direction. Far from endorsing slavery, the Bible, as a whole, makes the practice untenable. It is little wonder that plantation owners went to such lengths to prevent slaves from reading the full canon of scripture and drawing their own conclusions,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from St Andrew’s, Springfield

"What we can be sure of is that Jesus was under the power of death until the third day" (The Rev'd Charlie Lacey, 2023)
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Tough Questions: Where did Jesus go when he died?

“But what actually happened to Jesus between Good Friday and Easter Sunday? The fact that Jesus’ body was in the tomb is undisputed, but there are various conjectures about what happened to Jesus’ spirit, or soul,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from St Andrew’s, Springfield

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How to write worship music

“I have been writing worship music for nine years. I never planned to be a songwriter, but a trusted friend felt God impress upon her that I had songs within me to release. I nearly laughed when she told me this – the idea seemed so absurd. Yet when I sat down for the first time to write, I found an unexpected joy. I knew I’d discovered a new part of myself,” says Penny Howchin from St Andrew’s, Springfield


Tough Questions: When will Jesus return?

“Jesus is going to return and we cannot know when, regardless of what is happening in the world around us. However, of crucial importance to us is our state of readiness, a subject that Jesus addressed at length and is the theme of at least four parables,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from The Parish of Springfield