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Thy Kingdom Come

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"No perfect people allowed"

“During this Lenten season, what if we focus less on trying to perfect our abstinence, and more on living out an inclusive and holistic faith? Even as we repent of our excesses and indulgences, let us lean towards doing justice rather than going without,” says the Justice Unit’s Peter Branjerdporn, while offering some exciting new Lenten resources written by The Rev’d Deb Bird

Reflections Image of Bishop John Roundhill outside the Cathedral Reflections

Abide with me, fast falls the eventide

“As a curate in northern England 28 years ago, it was common to preside over two funerals a week. Such was the frequency of funerals that there was a shorthand phrase for the two most common hymns that were played during these services,” says Bishop John Roundhill, as he introduces readers to the new The Kingdom Come hymn, ‘We Seek Your Kingdom’