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West Moreton Anglican College

82-year-old West Moreton Anglican College teacher, pedagogical pioneer and polymath Dell Rathbone took out Queensland's highest teaching accolade when she was named the winner of the Most Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award on 29 October 2020

82-year-old WestMAC teacher wins pre-eminent award for teaching in Queensland

82-year-old West Moreton Anglican College teacher Dell Rathbone took out the highest accolade for teaching in Queensland when she was named as the winner of the Most Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award yesterday


Mum On A Mission

With the ongoing drought and recent bushfires in our Western Region, proud WestMAC mum Mandy Bower-van Deventer organises water drives for families and school children in and around Stanthorpe through ‘Mum On A Mission’


Anglican Church remembers missionaries on New Guinea Martyrs Day

September 2 commemorates the Martyrs of New Guinea in the Anglican Church. Whom does this day honour and why? Ian Eckersley dives deep into the history and the incredible story behind this day, which is observed in the Anglican calendar worldwide, and has special relevance for parishioners in our Diocesan community.

Books & Guides

The Night Circus

West Moreton Anglican College student and budding novelist Talia Wright reviews Erin Morgenstern’s novel, The Night Circus: “You will never look at the midnight darkness and stars in the same way after finishing this glorious book. Each star holds a mystery and each shadow a new adventure.”