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A Prayer Book for Australia

Reflections The Rev'd Bruce Sligo Reflections

“For I know the plans I have for you”

“The only grandfather I knew was a poultry breeder and a gardener, based in Rosewood near Ipswich, as well as a shoemaker. He influenced me deeply. I loved assisting him with raising poultry when I was a boy. It was incredibly exciting. So I am keeping a small poultry flock – mainly Light Sussex – during my retirement,” says The Rev’d Bruce Sligo

Hymns Hymns

‘Jesus, Saviour of the World’

“This hymn is a very useful addition to our repertoire of congregational hymnody, of course, and also has other more nuanced possibilities. For example, the first two lines of each verse might be sung by a soloist or small group, with the congregation joining in the repeated final line each time. Or it might be used as a quiet background during intercessions, with the final line used as the people’s repeated spoken response to the prayers,” says The Rev’d Canon Dr David Cole


How to write prayers of intercession

“The word ‘intercession’ takes my mind back to those moments in the wilderness when Moses stood between God and God’s people and begged for mercy. When we lead our congregations in intercession, we stand in the space between God’s love and the congregation’s need, and we build a bridge there with our words,” says The Rev’d Dr Margaret Wesley from St Paul’s, Ithaca-Ashgrove