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Complexity in understanding Country and culture

“Our languages are the most complex in the world, such that even groups within the same language group have difficulty speaking to one another. Language is contextual – we have words for those things that pertain to our space. In the Wiradjuri language, for example, there is no word for ‘sharks’ as they do not exist in our universe,” says Wiradjuri artist and priest The Rev’d Canon Glenn Loughrey

Veneta Tschumy (Anglicare SQ Administration Officer) and Aunty Janice Walker (Kuku Yalanji Traditional Owner and Elder) were reunited for the first time after 33 years at St Martin's House recently, following their serendipitous reconnection following the publication of a Spotlight Q&A written by Aunty Janice's daughter Lalania, who also works at Anglicare SQ.

Two childhood friends serendipitously reunited through anglican focus

Two Queensland women who grew up together on the Daintree Mission reconnected for the first time in more than 30 years recently, following the publication of a ‘Spotlight Q&A’ in anglican focus. In this special joint reflection, Kuku Yalanji Elder Aunty Janice Walker and Anglicare Administration Officer Veneta Tschumy tell some of their story, along with Aunty Janice’s daughter, Anglicare Cultural Support Worker Lalania Tusa, who serendipitously brought the childhood friends together through her Q&A