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2021 Brisbane Peace Lecture

“Our geo-strategic situation begins at home. We live with the world’s oldest continuous culture. This culture has been in existence for over 60,000 years. It is significantly older than all other cultures and intellectual traditions handed down to us over the centuries,” says Professor Chris Barrie in his St John’s Cathedral International Day of Peace address

True to their surname, Brisbane sisters Augnes, 18, and Teresa, 21, Joy delighted in setting multiple world records singing the world’s 193 national anthems in over 100 languages on cue at St John’s Anglican Cathedral on Tuesday 21 September 2021

Young Brisbane sisters set multiple records singing 193 national anthems in over 100 languages to mark the UN International Day of Peace

“Two young Brisbane sisters were the first to sing all 193 national anthems in one day on Tuesday, having learnt the anthems on cue in over 100 languages to promote international peace and climate action,” says St John’s College within the University of Queensland journalism student, Fenlan Miller