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Australia’s Overshoot Day

"A local council in Northern NSW has accepted that climate change is not only real, but will result in drier seasons. In response to this news, the council has resolved to build a new dam to sure up water supplies for its citizens. The preferred site for the dam will see the obliteration of the most significant piece of koala habitat left in the area" (The Very Rev'd Dr Peter Catt)

Australia’s Overshoot Day in 2022 is Wednesday 23 March

“And so, it comes back to how well we honour our relationships. The principle of loving one’s neighbour invites us to approach the planet with a different framing. At its heart, loving one’s neighbour involves acknowledging that we are connected to one another. My welfare and yours are interdependent. And we both cannot truly flourish unless the koala does, too,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt


What you can do to help on Australia's Overshoot Day

“I, like most shoppers, have often experienced supply shortages on supermarket shelves during the last two years. Sometimes this shortage was caused by people taking much more than they needed…Our planet is also experiencing supply problems. Humans are taking more from the planet than it can reproduce,” says The Rev’d Peter Moore, Chair of Angligreen