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Creeds and controversies

“About 13 years ago, while serving as the Dean of Darwin, I said during an ABC Radio National interview that, ‘I’d be happy to abandon the creed.’ This comment inadvertently made for a terrific headline and clickbait. With the wisdom of hindsight, I would express myself differently,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves

Bishop John Roundhill will embark on his third "Walking the Walk" pilgrimage on Palm Sunday on 2 April 2023, leaving The Parish of Robina after the morning services

Bishop John’s third Holy Week parish-to-parish pilgrimage

Bishop John Roundhill is embarking on his third biblical-worthy parish-to-parish pilgrimage on Palm Sunday, covering over 120km in seven days across our Diocese’s Southern Region with a fitting shepherd’s crook in hand – and he’s inviting you to join him

Resources & Research

Can Scripture be a performance?

“Biblical Performance Criticism focuses not just on what is being said but how it is being said. It reminds us of the centrality of the audience. In our modern text-based culture with readily available multiple-translation access to the Bible, we sometimes forget that Scripture has closer affinity with ancient epic poems than modern history and literature,” says The Rev’d Dr Jeanette Mathews


Anthony of Egypt

“Recognised as the legendary pioneer of the desert Abbas (Fathers) and Ammas (Mothers), Anthony’s individual qualities and fervent humility enabled the desert movement to shift the patterns of Christian discipleship,” says The Rev’d Jamee Callard on Anthony of Egypt, while also inviting us to join her new Holy Hermits Online community in a nourishing ABM Lenten study