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First Nations knowledge

Justice & Advocacy Gubbi Gubbi and Dharumbal man and Anglicare Cultural Practice Lead Adrian Malone Justice & Advocacy

Why I am voting “yes” in the referendum: Adrian Malone

“My dad’s mum, Nan, taught me Dreaming stories, about animals and language. My mum’s dad, Grandad Daylight, taught me stories about the Dreaming, including how the mountains were formed. When I was very young, my aunties and uncles taught me how to fish for whiting and barramundi and how to hunt for turtle and dugong. I learnt a lot from my Old People around the campfire because I listened,” says Gubbi Gubbi and Dharumbal man Adrian Malone from Anglicare

"Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples know their peoples' needs and have ancient wisdom to share. A Voice to Parliament will ensure that this knowledge and wisdom are listened to by policy makers, thereby helping to close the gap" (Phyllis Marsh, Learning Innovator – Indigenous Perspectives, West Moreton Anglican College)
Justice & Advocacy

Why I am voting “yes” in the referendum: Phyllis Marsh

“Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through a pragmatic Voice to Parliament will elevate the education outcomes of Indigenous young people. Consequently our young people will be able to stand strong in who they are and be given the same opportunities as other Australian students. This is why I am voting ‘yes’ in the referendum,” says MaMu woman Phyllis Marsh, from West Moreton Anglican College

Homilies & Addresses

Anglican Indigenous Network: Lambeth Conference 2022

“God calls us to respect one another. This, in part at least, involves respecting people’s territories, traditions and protocols; seeking counsel and consent; and, caring for one another. Respect is also about being welcoming and inclusive. When respect is fostered, harmony presides. When respect is denied, harm is caused,” says Aunty Dr Rose Elu in her Lambeth Conference Anglican Indigenous Network address


Prof. Anne Pattel-Gray urges: “include ancient wisdom and knowledge of First Nations people”

During the World Council of Churches Indigenous People’s Pre-Assembly, Aunty Prof. Anne Pattel-Gray reflected that “Indigenous people from all over the globe bring a rich insight and theological perspective that have not been given the respect and credit that they should. We hold an ancient knowledge and relationship with the Creator that the western churches need to listen to”