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Good Samaritan

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Bishop Cam's 2023 message to school staff

“The particular focus for schools this year is human dignity, for in recognising the dignity of all human beings we will inevitably be drawn to the work of peace making, and away from the easy path of division and conflict. Education is essential to creating this understanding of mutual dignity and respect in the hearts and minds of young people,” says Bishop Cam Venables

"The value of attentive listening can’t be overestimated" (Ken Willett)

Opportunistic acts of kindness: “heroism in the daily rhythm” of life

“Opportunistic acts of kindness, which I call ‘OAK’, are a way of loving others, as set out in ‘the golden rule’ of treating others as we would like to be treated…The acronym ‘OAK’ reminds us that oak trees have historically symbolised qualities underpinning kind actions,” says Cathedral community member Ken Willett

Faith book reflections

The book I have given away the most and why: Bob Randle

“I recall a two-page chapter, titled ‘Labels’. The author tells the story of a long bus trip to New Delhi. The tourists’ tinned food was stored in the luggage compartment beneath the bus. So when the bus went through rivers, the tins became wet and their labels fell off, with the tourists never knowing what they were going to eat until the tins were opened,” says Bob Randle from Holy Hermits Online and Cursillo


Sea Sunday

The Rev’d Canon Garry Dodd reflects on the work of Mission To Seafarers for Sea Sunday, which is celebrated on Sunday 14 July: “the over-riding theme for Sea Sunday 2019 is the call to act – to go beyond a simple act of charity – and move on to unconditional love for those in need in our community”