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Holy Spirit

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"When you are Spirit-filled, people will know God’s word through you"

“God loved all the world so much that we were given God’s son, who saved all of us and then gave us his Spirit. The Spirit of Christ is with us – he gave us his Spirit at Pentecost. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, people will see your face, hear you talk and witness how you act and know the word of God through you,” says The Rev’d Hanna Dally, the Director of the Holy Family Episcopal Church in Reineh, Galilee


Opening our hearts and sparking joy this Advent

“Advent is more than about spending time with loved ones – it’s about spending time with those who are in need or different from us. A simple act of kindness directed towards another is bound to spark joy in both your life and the lives of others. Through Advent we find joy in the celebration of diversity and achieve this by opening our hearts,” say Cannon Hill Anglican College’s 2022 Spiritual Leaders, Oliver Cameron, Charlize Lacey and Zakary Myles-Hawkins


Our call as a baptised people during Advent

“At my Parish of Sandgate-Northpoint, I once witnessed a baptism where a young child with the hugest of smiles was taking in all around him, aware that something very special was happening. I observed how laid back this child was, despite the buzz of activity, accepting the baptism and the ensuing applause with grace,” says Margaret Humphries from GFS – An Anglican Ministry and the Parish of Sandgate-Northpoint