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Movement for the Ordination of Women (MOW)

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Movement for the Ordination of Women: history, origins and key figures

The driving force behind the Movement for the Ordination of Women in Australia was Dr Patricia BrennanAs a woman and a lay person, Patricia was not permitted to preach during a visit to Brisbane. The thenDean got around this restriction by concluding Evensong with a lengthy procession around the Cathedral, after which Patricia entered the pulpit and spoke,” says The Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free

Gwenneth Roberts (right) and Robyn Tindall of the Parish of Indooroopilly in ca 1990 (Robyn was the Synod Rep for that Parish, as well as being on the Parish Council and a Parochial Nominator)

From biscuits to Bishop

The Rev’d Kate Ross tells us about trailblazing ordination of women campaigner, mother of six, nurse and midwife, childbirth educator and social justice advocate, Gwenneth Roberts, and about an exhibition she and Gwenneth are opening in the Cathedral to honour the women of our Diocese historically