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"Lichens were my academic specialty and are my retirement hobby," says the Cathedral's Prof. Rod Rogers

Complexity is our friend

“Complexity means one plus one can be more than two, then two plus two can be a surprisingly large number. A complex system is more than its component parts, for out of the relationships between the parts new things emerge. A lichen on a desert rock near Thargomindah emerges from the interactions between a fungus and an alga that normally cannot live in dry air or full sun,” says Prof. Roderick Rogers


Insight from a fairywren

“Against the orange-brown dirt, and the grey-greens of acacia foliage, the blue colour of this bird was startling. It was like a little herald about to announce something important and just as it got your attention it moved away…almost inviting you to follow,” says Bishop Cam Venables

Films & TV

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

“In his career as a broadcaster and natural historian, Attenborough has created over 100 documentaries on the intricacies of our earth and its inhabitants. A Life on Our Planet illustrates the magnitude of Attenborough’s learning during his career,” says The Rev’d Jazz Dow