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Old Bishopsbourne

Reflections Archbishop Phillip Aspinall Reflections

St Francis College to explore co-location ideas

“As well as preserving the Church’s heritage, the College needs and deserves more current facilities to nourish and form our people. And, the site’s 3.8 hectares of land has space that could be put to greater community use. We need additional income to pay for these works, so we and the wider community can make the most of the College and the site. While the Anglican Church Southern Queensland will continue to maintain ownership of the St Francis Theological College site, we will be exploring co-location ideas,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

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Preserving and enhancing the St Francis Theological College site

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall shares an announcement, letting our community know that an expressions of interest process for potential co-location options at St Francis Theological College is soon to commence, in conjunction with community engagement initiatives. He tells us that things are expected to remain the same onsite for at least three years and that: “We’re retaining ownership of the site and the College…It would be great to see other community uses that will support our mission and provide income to preserve and enhance the College and its historic buildings”


Welcome to St Francis College

Explore St Francis College in Milton, Brisbane, including its beautiful grounds and state-of-the-art facilities, in this informative video: “All in all, St Francis College is a wonder of the Anglican Diocese…a powerhouse of theological learning, yet a quiet haven from hustle and bustle, enjoyed by growing numbers of students for its insightful teaching forming generations for deep thinking, innovative ministry and the future of the Church”


The Chapel of The Holy Spirit: manifestations and mystery

“The Chapel of The Holy Spirit stands proudly next to Old Bishopsbourne on the campus of St Francis College – a sacred refuge for weary locals. It is true to say that as long as Bishopsbourne has stood, there has been a chapel beside it, but there have been some changes in its location, and indeed its fabric, over the course of its long history,” says Archives Researcher Adrian Gibb


Chapel of The Holy Spirit gets a facelift

The spiritual heart of St Francis College is currently undergoing exciting heritage conservation works with generous funding from the Queensland Government – find out what Community Sustainability Action heritage conservation funding you may be able to apply for and how