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Complexity is our friend

“Complexity means one plus one can be more than two, then two plus two can be a surprisingly large number. A complex system is more than its component parts, for out of the relationships between the parts new things emerge. A lichen on a desert rock near Thargomindah emerges from the interactions between a fungus and an alga that normally cannot live in dry air or full sun,” says Prof. Roderick Rogers

Year 4 St Luke's Anglican College students with their hand-made bee hotels, with (back row) Amelie and Samantha and (front row) Parker, Jared and Joanna

Young Bundy busy bees build hotels for our native pollinators

Earlier this year, St Luke’s Anglican School purchased some native bees to care for and study. The flow-on effect of this initiative has been significant for Year 4 students, who share their interesting insights and learnings in this special joint feature


Australian Anglican schoolgirl nominated as Young Australian of the Year

Macinley Butson, a 17-year-old prolific inventor who attends an independent Anglican school near Sydney and who has been named the New South Wales Young Australian of the Year, said that she asks herself “How can I use this [the attention she receives] to shine God’s light?”