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South Sudanese and Sudanese Anglican Ministry

"There are Anglicans in our Diocesan community who have missing family members and whose family homes have been destroyed in Sudan," (Bishop Daniel Abot, June 2023)
Justice & Advocacy

Prayers for people in Sudan and South Sudan

“I am writing this to ask anglican focus readers to pray for the people in Sudan who are in deep need, for South Sudanese people who are stuck at the border desperately trying to get home, for people in South Sudan who are also impacted, and for Sudanese and South Sudanese community members in Australia, including Anglicans in our Diocese, whose family members have been killed or are missing,” says Bishop Daniel Abot


Flood response: message from the Archbishop

“The community’s overwhelming response to the 2011 floods showed how south-east Queenslanders pull together at times such as this. So I again encourage members of our Diocesan family to offer a helping hand in the massive clean-up. Our faith communities are already showing the resilience and generosity that we have come to rely upon in such weather events,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall


“If there is smoke in your house, make sure there is smoke in your neighbour’s as well”

“Every time a family meal is prepared, it is essential that extra is made to have ready for anyone who might come to visit unannounced, so there is plenty to share. Our children are taught this from a young age and are expected to always make extra if they cook. It is a great embarrassment to not have enough for visitors. It does not matter when they arrive – there should always be something to share,” says Resource Church Specialist, Bishop Daniel Abot


Cultivating a greater sense of belonging

“As part of my Resource Church activity there are many, many personal interactions with parish leaders and parishioners who call asking for help with practical matters, prayer and general support…I am so happy to be an instrument of grace in a rich project-based role for the Anglican Church Southern Queensland so I can help to build God’s kingdom,” says Bishop Daniel Abot