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Toowoomba Anglican School

Local Toowoomba Anglican School student Grace Bell with her Cambridge Youth Leadership Academy certificate Local

Toowoomba Anglican School student reaching for new leadership heights in Cambridge

“The highlight of my Cambridge trip was attending Corpus Christi College at the university. The college features amazing architecture, some of which dates back to the 14th century, and walking the grounds and hearing from the lecturers in a place that you’ve seen in books and movies were absolute highlights. Learning about the university’s achievements, like the discovery of the DNA double helix, and about some of the incredible people who have researched there, such as Professor Stephen Hawking, was a humbling experience,” says Toowoomba Anglican School student Grace Bell


Making and maturing disciples of Jesus

“Personal touches and intentional follow up are really important at St Bart’s. We are a community and go through the valleys and peaks of life together. Instead of making assumptions that people are too busy to come to church, small groups or other ministry activities, we follow up to make sure that people are okay and if someone is sick or a loved one has passed away, we help care for them,” says the team from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba, while offering helpful ideas and resources for other churches to adapt and use


Toowoomba Anglican School Easter drama

In partnership with St Bart’s, Toowoomba, students from Toowoomba Anglican School narrate and reenact the Easter story, based on Mark’s Gospel, in this special video filmed at the school’s main campus