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A letter from the Primate to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

“Not only have you held positions of responsibility, but you have exercised those positions with great dedication even when that dedication has been at your personal cost. You have led the church through times of significant challenge and your attention has constantly been on the mission of the church,” says a letter from the Primate to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall AC, which was read by Bishop Cam Venables on the occasion of the Archbishop’s farewell

Archbishop Mark Coleridge at Archbishop Phillip Aspinall's farewell on Saturday 3 December at St John's Cathedral
Homilies & Addresses

On the occasion of Archbishop Phillip Aspinall’s farewell

“You remarked to me once that in a Roman Catholic vestry there’s a picture of the Pope; in an Orthodox vestry there’s a picture of the Patriarch; and, in an Anglican vestry there’s a full-length mirror. Amusing yes, but in your case not true. I like to think that in the vestries you have entered there has been not a full-length mirror, but an image of Jesus Christ instead,” said Archbishop Mark Coleridge


International Buy a Priest a Beer Day 2022

“All people like to be appreciated for their service and work. And, our clergy work really hard as they fulfill their unique calls to ordained ministry – whether in parish, chaplaincy, pastoral care, advocacy, Episcopal, theological education and managerial spaces,” says Wellbeing and Development Officer Rebecca McLean

Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with formation student, Dylan Katthagen

Meet Dylan Katthagen and find out about his current activities, his advice for those considering ordained ministry, his thoughts on “Being Together: Embracing Joy” and Reconciliation, what he loves most about studying at St Francis College, his secret skill and what day he would love to re-live and why