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Fellowship, fonts and tough decisions on the fly

“By and large the business of the Synod is conducted with kindness and good humour and there is a real sense of wanting to find agreement on even the most difficult of matters. This year one of those difficult matters involved the font size used when displaying motions and amendments and the colour used when highlighting text changes. Furious debate ensued and the President of the Synod had to make some tough decisions on the fly,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves

International International

Oceania Primates commit to the Anglican Communion as “one body with many parts”

Anglican leaders in the Oceania region have reiterated their commitment to the Anglican Communion, describing it as “one body with many parts”. The comments were made in a communiqué at the end of their annual Fono, or meeting, which brings together primates and provincial secretaries from the four independent-yet-interdependent churches in the region

ACSQ DFV Project Officer Jenny Clark and The Rev'd Dr Gemma Dashwood with the Cathedral's red bench in November 2022 (the Red Bench Project is an initiative of the Red Rose Foundation)
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with new Diocesan DFV Project Officer, mother and active Brisbane community member, Jenny Clark

Meet Jenny Clark and find out about her 2023 work goals, her favourite scripture, what she does in her free time, what she would write on a billboard and her thoughts on the Voice to Parliament


General Synod and comprehensive Anglicanism

“In Southern Queensland we have set as a key focus area the promoting of ‘comprehensive Anglican identity and purpose.’ This approach recognises that there will be different convictions, understandings and priorities among Anglicans. And it is likely that each of these perspectives includes insights into the truth. This means that in order to comprehend the whole truth we need these various insights and perspectives to be present and engaged,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, as General Synod approaches


National Anglican Family Violence Research Report released

The Standing Committee of the Anglican Church of Australia has made 10 Commitments to prevent and respond to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), after undertaking the first known Australian Church study into the prevalence of IPV within its faith community