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Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"The value of attentive listening can’t be overestimated" (Ken Willett)

Opportunistic acts of kindness: “heroism in the daily rhythm” of life

“Opportunistic acts of kindness, which I call ‘OAK’, are a way of loving others, as set out in ‘the golden rule’ of treating others as we would like to be treated…The acronym ‘OAK’ reminds us that oak trees have historically symbolised qualities underpinning kind actions,” says Cathedral community member Ken Willett


World mourns loss of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The world is mourning the passing of a towering figure in the struggle for freedom and for human dignity and rights: “Tutu believed passionately that the Christian faith is inclusive of all, and that Christian responsibility is for the good of all people. His leadership strengthened us all in that belief and continues to call us to action upon that belief”

Homilies & Addresses

Putting on Christ

“Every person who is baptised promises, or in the case of young children godparents promise on their behalf, to turn to Christ. They are signed with the sign of the cross to show that they are marked as Christ’s own forever. And they are called to Christian ministry, to serve Christ in the world,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall


Desmond Tutu turns 90 with an outpouring of love from the world

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, one of South Africa’s most famous persons, has turned 90 with a Eucharist service celebration at Cape Town’s St George’s Cathedral, receiving an outpouring of love from around the world. Tutu made a rare public appearance on 7 October at the iconic Cape Town cathedral, the site of prayers and protests during the apartheid era, where he attended a special thanksgiving service


My God loves everyone

“Some people have recently asked me about an old photo taken at the Pride Week event, so I’d like to share the story behind it. It’s a great story about the opportunity to talk about Jesus with people who wouldn’t normally have a conversation with a Bishop,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves