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Church growth

"The ‘personal’ disciplines we might explore during this time of physical distancing are regular (likely daily) practices in which we engage so that we may be able to express our faith communally out of deep inner conviction and passion, rather than out of duty, custom, or fear"

What might be the invitation of the Spirit to you in these times?

“It seems to me that one invitation could be to explore or re-engage with some of the practices that have always been part of being Christian, but which have been neglected over recent years,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves


Hospitality: How well does your church do it?

“It is natural for people who have been going to their church for a long time and formed many friendships to think that it is a warm and welcoming place; however, we must put ourselves in the shoes of the newcomer to really evaluate our level of hospitality,” says Dr Stephen Harrison


What kind of leaders help churches grow?

The presence of leaders (both lay and ordained) who can innovate, envision and motivate people was one of the common factors for church growth identified in The Church of England’s research, ‘From Anecdote to Evidence’, says Executive Director of PMC Dr Stephen Harrison