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Reflections The Rev'd Andrew Schmidt and son John reading Lion in The Long Grass Reflections

The lion and the pig

“I have recently been thinking about children’s books that I have collected. There are two that I want to share a little about with you…These stories tell me that death is not nearly as much to fear as is a life poorly spent,” says The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt from The Parishes of Nerang and Mudgeeraba

"My role as Senior Insurance Officer means that I do all things insurance, including administering the building and contents, sickness and accident, and public liability insurance, and process insurance claims" (Mai Peregrina, St Martin's House, 24 June 2022)
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with devoted mum, State of Origin touch footballer and ACSQ Senior Insurance Officer, Mai Peregrina

Meet Mai Peregrina and find out about her current activities, her thoughts on NAIDOC Week and “Being Together: Embracing Joy”, and her karaoke go-to song, favourite scripture, secret skill and what she would write on a billboard and why


St Bart's Kids team: Garang's story

“I follow Jesus, for starters, by being a good father to my kids and a good husband to my wife, and attending church regularly and trying to learn the Bible as much as I possibly can,” says St Bart’s Kids team member, Garang Chut Deng


Sieving or straining?

“One recent challenging incident had a quick and positive outcome, as I employed nonviolent communication as a helpful tool to resolve a matter and build relationship with relatively new neighbours…I find that the nonviolent communication principles and process help me to put what I am thinking or about to say through a sieve,” says St Andrew’s, South Brisbane parishioner Liz Wellauer