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“Dear Future, I am ready”

“As for my friend, Ali, while life has not been easy following his release as he struggles financially to pay for basics, he is thankful for his freedom. He is also grateful to supporters of refugees, including many local Anglicans, who continue to bear witness to their suffering and advocate for more humane policies,” says Peter Branjerdporn from our Justice Unit

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How to lobby politicians: community organising tips for effectively mobilising volunteers

“Organising constituents, such as members of a congregation or ministry, to lobby their elected representative can be a highly effective advocacy strategy. In order for community organising endeavours to be successful, a strategic, persistent, flexible and patient approach is needed,” says Michelle McDonald from the Parishes and other Mission Agencies Commission

"Worshipping together in a welcoming environment is healing for people from war-torn countries, like myself, and also enables us to serve and connect. It’s healthy" (The Rev'd Peter Mayen, pictured with his six children Michael, Abraham, Sarah, Israel, Elizabeth and Ruth)

Four locals, four stories about finding room in the inn

In this special joint feature, four members of our Diocesan community each share about a unique experience of room ‘being made in the inn’ for them, including a former refugee and priest, a ‘camper-outerer’ and Cathedral parishioner, a parishioner and disability advocate, and a priest who moved to Australia from South Africa