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London Missionary Society

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Early missionary societies: history, medallions and a banknote

“Dr David Livingstone has long been a hero of mine. In 1841 he was sent as a medical missionary to South Africa by the London Missionary Society. Recently, I was the successful bidder at an online auction for a medallion celebrating the centenary of the London Missionary Society in 1895. It is a beautiful medallion and it motivated me to learn more about the society,” says Dr Peter Lewis

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“Our spirituality lies in the sea, sky and land”

“Our spirituality lies in the sea, sky and land and since time immemorial our people have believed in a Creator, but we did not know that the Creator was the Christian God. The Coming of the Light commemorates the Gospel coming to us and giving us a name for the Creator,” says 2021 Queensland Senior Australian of the Year, Aunty Dr Rose Elu

Boggo Pilot in military uniform in circa 1943 in the Torres Strait (Image provided to author and published with the permission of Canon Boggo's son, Samuel Pilot)

Canon Boggo Pilot: war-time army corporal and Torres Strait Islander missionary priest

“Canon Boggo Pilot continues to be remembered today for his courage, brilliance, missionary zeal, pastoral heart, joyful spirit, vision, work ethic and commitment to preserving his people’s culture,” says Diocesan Archivist Michael Rogers, as the 150th anniversary of The Coming of the Light approaches