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Members of the multi-faith chaplaincy team minister to the queue waiting to see the Queen lying in state

A long line of faith: Chaplains minister to the thousands waiting to say a final farewell

Dressed in black clerical shirts and fluorescent tabards emblazoned “Faith Team”, Archbishops Welby and Cottrell were among the Anglican priests to join faith leaders from other denominations and religions in a chaplaincy team serving the queue of people waiting to see the Queen lying in state


From reluctant convert to active lay leader

“Regarding my various lay parish activities – it is vital to me that I feel as though I am contributing. I recall once hearing a cricket commentator say that 90 per cent of people can find the problems, but only about 10 per cent can come up with solutions and act on them. So I strive to be a part of the 10 per cent. Helping to provide alternatives for those seeking a spiritual home is highly rewarding and very enjoyable,” says Adrian Gibb from St Thomas’, Toowong


Faith groups: the climate game plan must be for 2030

Faith communities across Australia held vigils yesterday outside the offices of Members of Parliament, including that of the Prime Minister. Their unified call was for Australia to take stronger climate policies to the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow later this month, especially for a stronger 2030 target