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Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

Reflections The Rev'd Rick Gummow Reflections

Ministry review reflections

“The ministry review model that I chose for the pilot provides a framework to truly ponder, reflect and pray about our faithfulness and commitment to the Ordinal, which covers, in some way, all a parish priest’s ministry responsibilities,” says The Rev’d Rick Gummow from The Parish of Drayton

"Professional/pastoral supervision is the brave, safe space where clergy (and other ministry workers) reflect on their ministry practice in a regular, planned supervision session" (The Rev'd Dr Geoff Broughton)

Professional supervision: a brave, safe space

“Three functions of pastoral supervision can be identified from the session I describe here: supervision is relational; supervision is about reflecting, not reporting; and, supervision cultivates rightness,” says The Rev’d Dr Geoff Broughton


Collaboration as solidarity

When I think about collaboration as solidarity, I often think back to the moment when I found out that I was pregnant with my wonderful son, Tom. I was 15 and what I thought my life would be, changed in an instant. I was left somewhat reeling at a time when teenage mums still experienced significant social stigma…However, the solidarity of family members, friends and churched people shielded and carried me,” says The Ven. Tiffany Sparks


World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day is on 3 May, with this year’s theme based on the role of the media in elections and democracy: why do we even need this day and is a free and independent press still important?