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Reflections The Ven. Dr Anne van Gend Reflections

Have we shrunk the mystery of atonement into words?

“Given the difficulties surrounding commonly-held atonement theories, then, perhaps we should quietly shove the whole thing under the carpet and focus on nicer aspects of our faith? I believe we need to lift up that carpet…Perhaps we may discover a few dusty lumps, long pushed out of sight by all but dusty theologians, which, when polished, show gleams of gold,” says The Ven. Dr Anne van Gend

"I used the labyrinth by saying one thing that I’m thankful for which is a good way to show appreciation. And then when I get into the middle I pray. It’s a good way to calm down and relax if you’re stressed or angry," (Jacob, Year 6, Churchie)

Churchie students creating paths to prayer and gratitude

Churchie Chaplain Stephanie Cotroneo recently asked Religious Education students to create their own labyrinths in their homes and yards – find out what some of the boys have to say about prayer, meditation and gratitude