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St Paul

Faith book reflections Fiona Hammond Faith book reflections

The book I have given away most and why: Fiona Hammond

“The character of Phoebe in Paul’s Letter to the Romans has always intrigued me. Paul wrote to the Church in Rome, trusting Phoebe with the delivery of that letter…So, she’s a landowner, runs a thriving business and is trusted by the Christian community far and wide. That is a life I wanted to read more about,” says Fiona Hammond from St Francis College

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Tough Questions: Does the Bible endorse slavery?

“…whilst certain verses taken out of context can appear to justify slavery, the overall witness of the Bible points in the opposite direction. Far from endorsing slavery, the Bible, as a whole, makes the practice untenable. It is little wonder that plantation owners went to such lengths to prevent slaves from reading the full canon of scripture and drawing their own conclusions,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from St Andrew’s, Springfield

"A bronze coin was minted at Jerusalem by the Roman governor Pontius Pilate. It is 16 mm in diameter. On the obverse there is the date LIZ in a wreath. “LIZ” means “year 17” (of Tiberius’ reign) and equals 30 AD, which is when Jesus was crucified. On the reverse there is a lituus, the curved staff of the Roman high priest. As Jewish law forbade human images, the lituus refers to Tiberius who was also the Roman high priest" (Dr Peter Lewis, may 2023)
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St Paul’s coins

“The coins give us a tangible connection to the man who wrote most of the letters in the New Testament and who was Luke’s hero in Acts. As well as providing a tangible link, the coins have much to tell us about the environment in which Paul did his seminal work,” says Dr Peter Lewis from The Parish of Gold Coast North


Archbishop's 2022 message to school staff

“I am so grateful for the work you do educating students to flourish and to serve God and the common good…Each school has its own story and culture, but there is a shared identity and purpose across the Anglican family. And, embodying what is true, gracious and lifegiving is at its heart…Every one of us is called by Jesus to participate in his Church, his body, and each of us is blessed with unique gifts and talents to carry out his mission,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall