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St Paul


Archbishop's 2022 message to school staff

“I am so grateful for the work you do educating students to flourish and to serve God and the common good…Each school has its own story and culture, but there is a shared identity and purpose across the Anglican family. And, embodying what is true, gracious and lifegiving is at its heart…Every one of us is called by Jesus to participate in his Church, his body, and each of us is blessed with unique gifts and talents to carry out his mission,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall


Archbishop's 2022 message to secondary school students

“During his life Jesus broke down all sorts of barriers between people. He did away with ‘us’ and ‘them’. He turned outsiders into insiders. We are one family and all children of the one God. This is cause for celebration – everyone belongs. Differences and diversity make stronger communities,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall in his 2022 message to secondary school students


The collaboration of Peter and Paul

“They were very different characters, and that may actually be the major piece of wisdom we take away from this reflection. As we collaborate, we each have to be our own selves, rather than seeking to fit in with how other people expect us to think, act or worship…Their life experiences were about as different as two Jewish men could be during the time of the Roman Empire,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Greg Jenks


St Bart's Kids eBook – 1 Corinthians 3.1-9

Check out the latest scripture e-books from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba, which adapt Old and New Testament scriptures for young children, including this one titled, ‘God’s Fellow Workers’ from 1 Corinthians 3.1-9