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Stamp fundraising

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Thousands raised for ABM projects through stamp donations

“I recently asked a couple, ‘Why do you buy stamps from Diocesan Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) auctions?’ and they replied, ‘Because of a trip to the tip.’ I couldn’t leave the conversation there. I had to know more, so I bought a cup of tea, and we sat down for a chat,” says Sarah Gover from the ACSQ Anglican Board of Mission committee and The Parish of North Pine

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Auction gets ABM's stamp of approval

“As I entered the hall, I saw over two hundred sorted ‘lots’ and nearly 50 hopeful buyers eagerly looking through each bag, folder and box, searching for a unique, rare treasure. After two hours of viewing, the bidding began,” says ABM’s and Parish of North Pine’s Sarah Gover, as she tells us about ABM’s ongoing stamp fundraising