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Reflections Archbishop Jeremy Greaves outside St John's Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane Reflections

Being the Church in this next season of our life together

“While we shouldn’t hang onto things just for their own sake, there are things that anchor us to the past in important ways — there are things that hold stories connecting us deeply to our roots. My study is littered with such things — the chess set that belonged to my great-great-great-grandfather, the christening mug given to my father by his godfather, an ashtray from the pub where I worked in London as a 19-year-old,” says Archbishop Jeremy

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My experience navigating the Anglican Church as a Torres Strait Islander person

“I also often invite other Anglicans to see that Torres Strait Islander Christians are Christians in our own way. We seamlessly blend our ancient sovereign ways and knowledges as Traditional Custodians with the wider Church’s ways and knowledges. For example, as part of my baptism as a baby, my mum removed my clothing and nappy and held me up in the sea breeze to be sprayed, to first be blessed, by the malu (ocean). She then took me to the church for the service,” says Aunty Dr Rose Elu

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The Holdovers

“In truth, The Holdovers features a sense of healing that is mutual amongst all three left at the school. The path that takes them there provides gentle lessons of compassion for all involved in community making. And, for Christian people, that’s all of us,” says Jonathan Sargeant from FormEdFaith at St Francis College