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Homilies & Addresses The Rev'd Robert Paget blessing a dog during the Season of Creation Homilies & Addresses

Season of Creation sermon: “Today we give thanks for our animals”

“Francis challenged the idea that the world and all living things were just commodities to be exploited. He saw them as inheritors, along with us of the kingdom of heaven. It’s not always easy to see the same kinship with nature that Francis saw, especially when you’re being pursued along the footpath by an aggressive magpie,” says The Rev’d Robert Paget from St Paul’s, Samford

"When examining the perceived contradictions between scientific discovery and the Bible, it is important to recognise that scientific endeavour and the Bible seek to answer very different questions," (The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from St Andrew’s, Springfield)
People & History

Tough Questions: Has modern science disproved parts of the Bible?

“We can be confident that the Bible is true, and not in any way discredited by modern scientific discovery, however, we must always pay careful attention to the genre of any given text,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from St Andrew’s, Springfield

People & History

Movement for the Ordination of Women: history, origins and key figures

The driving force behind the Movement for the Ordination of Women in Australia was Dr Patricia BrennanAs a woman and a lay person, Patricia was not permitted to preach during a visit to Brisbane. The thenDean got around this restriction by concluding Evensong with a lengthy procession around the Cathedral, after which Patricia entered the pulpit and spoke,” says The Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free


How does my faith grow?

“In my family growing up, faith was an open topic. Books about faith were read and discussed and ideas challenged and listened to. I remember setting out to read all of CS Lewis’ books for instance, as my brother had read the entire Narnia series and I wanted to go one better! This led to a few ‘over my head’ moments, but many of Lewis’ ideas stayed with me,” says Fiona Hammond from FormEDfaith, as she invites anglican focus readers to the launch of a new faith formation resource


St Bart's Kids eBook — John 8.2-11

Check out the latest scripture eBooks from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba, which adapt Old and New Testament scriptures for young children, including this one titled, ‘The Gentleness of Jesus’, from the Gospel of John