Easter: something we live and breathe

Bishop Jeremy Greaves explores the meaning of Easter, as an event that transcends a single day and should impact the whole of our lives: “Perhaps that’s why we get the great 50 Days of Easter – so we can practise ‘living and breathing’ it for just a little while before we pack it all away for another year”


The wildlife crematorium

The Little Brothers of Francis at Tabulam share their bush fire experience during a relentlessly hot summer, as well as their appreciation for the support they received: “The bush has taken on an eerie, silent, lunar moonscape like a desert; with no birds and no forest floor creatures like quails, lizards or insects”


It’s about different, not less

As part of this week’s #AprilAngel campaign theme ‘be a messenger of compassion through conversation’, disability advocate Bill Gamack, CEO of EPIC Assist and parishioner of St Augustine’s, Hamilton, encourages us to see the person first and take the time to have a chat: “Where I work we see the person before we see the disability. We have a conversation, we listen and we discover the person’s unique determination, skills, talent, creativity and resourcefulness”