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"As part of his discussion on the character of “our Father in heaven”, Gansfort showed that two Hebrew words describing God’s love in Psalm 25.6 prove that God’s love is both maternal and paternal" (Dr Marie-Louise Craig, St Francis College, October 2021)

There is nothing new under the sun, and Mother God still loves us

“The fact that rechem can also mean “womb” has always fascinated me when reading Psalm 25.6 in Hebrew. I connect the concept of this word to the idea of a mother’s love for those children of whom people sometimes say, “Only a mother could love them.” I love the idea that God’s love is maternal. God loves me even when I am not lovable by any but Her,” says Dr Marie-Louise Craig from St Francis College


St Bart's Kids eBook – John 4.7-14

Check out the latest scripture e-Books from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba, which adapt Old and New Testament scriptures for young children, including this one titled, ‘Living Water’ from John 4.7-14

Homilies & Addresses

2021 Brisbane Peace Lecture

“Our geo-strategic situation begins at home. We live with the world’s oldest continuous culture. This culture has been in existence for over 60,000 years. It is significantly older than all other cultures and intellectual traditions handed down to us over the centuries,” says Professor Chris Barrie in his St John’s Cathedral International Day of Peace address


Join us at On Earth Festival

See St Francis College as you’ve never seen before in this video featuring volunteers, artists, musicians and presenters from and connected to our Diocese who are involved in the upcoming On Earth Festival, to be held on Saturday 16 October. Through music, poetry, art and workshops, find hope and inspiration for creating an alternate world where there is peace and justice