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Seeking nourishment, healing and a way forward after the referendum

“One of the greatest tragedies of the referendum outcome is that the lives of non-Indigenous Australians who voted ‘no’ will continue on the same just as their lives would have continued on the same if they had voted ‘yes’. It is the lives of First Nations peoples who will be impacted by the referendum result — and negatively so for decades to come,” says Aunty Dr Rose Elu

Justice & Advocacy

When assumptions go awry

“I recently shared some of my experiences with elected student leaders from St John’s College within the University of Queensland alongside the anglican focus editor Michelle McDonald. We were invited by the college to run a session for the student leaders on cultural capability and we shared the following personal stories in our workshop,” says Bishop Daniel Abot

Justice & Advocacy

Give the gift of hope this Christmas

The impact of the cost-of-living crisis is increasing and taking its toll on our most vulnerable community members — children. This Christmas, Anglicare Southern Queensland is calling on the community to help children in out-of-home care to have the Christmas, and the future, they deserve


“It was a circle I could never square”

“In 2017 I led a debate within the Church of England’s General Synod about the harms of ‘conversion therapy’, which ended with the Synod agreeing to call on the government to ban it. Later that year I led some major research into the harms of ‘conversion therapy’, the results of which I then shared across the world — even with Pope Francis,” says Jayne Ozanne

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I want to fix ears

“Key themes of Clark’s story are his determination, persistence, underlying faith and love of family. His desire as a young boy to ‘fix ears’ was driven by observing his father and the challenges he faced, particularly working as a pharmacist,” says The Rev’d Lauren Martin